Be everything for everyone

"Tell me about it". But I'm kind of happy I've experienced and felt it on my body because this made me very aware of what this can do to a son or daughter (a child), not to mention the consciousness this has created in me when it comes to not end up being this father myself.

To me, it's important to be the best (all) I can be for my children, that regardless of whether this means being hated, judged and looked down on by others ("the rest of the world") because my children will always be very important thing to me. A big reason to really take care of myself!

For they deserve to see that I strive to be the best daddy (role model) I can be for them, to feel they have a dad who loves, is proud of and prioritize them. That I have hope, dreams and are happy with life!

#father #notihingworse #man #everything #everybodyelse #child

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